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“At urgentway recycling.we run srap metal yard in every year of its existence,urgentway recycling has always led by the phrase,”fair gurantee price,weight.”while many srap metal yards get a bad name for poor service and management that only cares about themselves,we pride ourselves on friendly services,whether it be our pick up service,driving to your location ,answering phone calls or buying also all cars complete exhaust as long it has catalytic converters.Buying in all used car starters,turbo-charge and E-waste”


When it comes to recycling your catalytic converters with MetCat, not only could you make hundreds for your supply, but you will also be doing your part for the environment.

By recycling with us, you help to avoid landfill, reduce the need for energy intensive mining, and minimise the polluting chemicals needed for extracting raw materials. Call us today on 0657000180 to get started with your recycling.

Help us find more spent catalyst suppliers

Help us find more spent catalyst suppliers and get better prices for yours waste – simply as that!


Currently opened catalyst collection facilities:

Port Elizabeth 

Cape Town

If you are a resident of the mentioned or nearby country – we can come to you for the goods! Just contact us via messenger or email and leave your details.

Our firm is expanding fast so expect more facilities all over the world! Even if you’re not a resident of mentioned country’s we have business partners that will contact you.

our team come to your location no transpot money lose

Sometimes the distances between the facility and you are large or you cannot deliver catalysts to us.

Do not worry! We will send a truck to you to bring your goods to us! 

We buy de-canned, canned, solids and metallic catalytic converters.

Urgentway Recycling is a major catalytic converter buyer for over 20 years.
We are a leading catalytic buying and refining company. Also a leader in buying catalysts in South Africa and in the North African countries. Our company offers competitive rates, fair valuation of your scrap or used cats.

We buy de-canned, canned, solids and metallic catalytic converters.

We have a solid customer base and we are open to new clients. For supplies of wholesale can negotiate prices, guaranteed receipt of goods in the event of a price decrease.

Be collected in person by prior arrangement.

Prices depend on the catalytic as to current currencies, precious metals and stock market prices.

Please contact us for our fair pricing.

“Clients review.”

''It was an real incredible experience for me.Urgentway recycling paid me fair price for all my cats in market i was really happy.thank you urgentway recycling.Thanks for making the good business.
Mr Gream

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